Eddy Birth Shares a Bite of His Tin Sandwich with Rökker and Jimmy K

June 21, 2023 11:06 AM

Singer-songwriter Eddy Birth makes his radio debut in the Devil’s Lair, performing songs from his latest album, “The Traveling Tin Sandwich”

By: Jorge Reyna

Eddy Birth realized early on that he was meant to create music when he came across a harmonica. Even though he had a rocky start with piano lessons and structured music learning as a young boy, he found that he could express himself through riffing and experimentation via the humble, unassuming instrument that gives name to his latest album, “The Traveling Tin Sandwich.”

Starting with “Morel”—a song dedicated to his coonhound that had us wistfully pulling out photos of our pups on our phones—and on through “Vanished Friend” and “Blues Beat,” his earnest, heartfelt songwriting tugged at our emotions during the first half of his acoustic set.

A native of the midwest, Eddy Birth began writing music in his late teens. He performed with several bands and engaged in various solo projects, maturing in his art as he gains life experience and the kind of perspective that comes with time. In addition to playing songs from his album, he came prepared with three brand new tunes for his radio debut.

Striking an almost cheekier tone with “The Devil Turned Me Down,” a tale of an unprofitable encounter with the collector of souls (perhaps inspired by the evening’s venue), he lightened the mood enough to segue into “Spider On the Wall.” Closing the set with another profound tune about home and longing, “The Faces That You Know,” Eddy Birth left us pondering about the good things that make a life.

Visit his website for more of his music, information on upcoming performances, and more. He will be performing in several venues at Make Music Madison today, Wednesday, June 21, 2023, including in front of Civic Media’s downtown Madison office at 3:00 PM. Be sure to stop by and enjoy his live performance if you’re in town!

Set list:

  1. Morel” – The Traveling Tin Sandwich
  2. Vanished Friend” – The Traveling Tin Sandwich
  3. Blues Beat” – The Traveling Tin Sandwich
  4. “The Devil Turned Me Down” – Max Ink Radio premiere
  5. “Spider On the Wall” – Max Ink Radio premiere
  6. “The Faces That You Know” – Max Ink Radio premiere

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