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Get registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day

Get registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day

Wisconsin has two elections and two primaries in 2024, so state residents are being encouraged to check on their voter registration status.

September 19, 2023 9:32 AM CDT

By: Jimmie Kaska

(Civic Media) – Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, and elections clerks in Wisconsin are reminding people to get registered to vote if they haven’t already done so.

First, if you’ve updated your name or changed your address, and you’ve already made those changes on your state identification or driver’s license, you can register online at MyVote. The I.D. or license can’t be expired. You can also register by mail by downloading and mailing back a form along with a copy of a Proof of Residence. The deadline to register by mail or online is 20 days before an election.

Second, if you prefer to register in person, you can find your local government clerk (city or county) and register there with a Proof of Residence. These documents must have both the voter’s name and current address to work as a Proof of Residence and can be any identification card with that information on it, as well as real estate or lease documents, utility statements, care facility intake document or a bank statement. You can register at your local clerk’s office up until the Friday before the election.

Finally, if you have registered before, but aren’t sure if your voter registration is still active, you can enter your name and address on MyVote and see which address you’re registered to vote at. MyVote will also show all of the prior elections and primaries that you’ve voted in and where you cast your ballot.

For more information on registering to vote, you can visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission guide on voter registration. The guide includes images showing which documents are acceptable as a Proof of Residence, how and where to vote, and other information about elections in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has two elections and two primaries in 2024. The 2024 Spring Primary is on February 20, followed by the 2024 Spring & Presidential Preference Election on April 2. The 2024 Partisan Primary is on August 13, with the 2024 General Election on November 5.

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